Extension springs


Because of in our factory applied producing procedures we are capable to produce springs in large quantity according to our customer’s requests.


The springs in range of critical stress are designed by our experts considering maximal stability.


At request we produce springs which maximum working environment temperature is 600°C.


Some sample from our products:


1.      Extension spring with various ending stitches

2.      Extension spring for brakes

3.      Extension spring with German ending stitches

4.      Extension spring with hanger ending stitches

5.      Extension spring with double ending stitches

6.      Extension spring with formed ending stitches

7.      Gas valve spring

8.      Extension spring with long ending stitches

9.      Extension spring with formed ending stitches

10.  Pendulum spring

11.   Extension spring with British ending stitches




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Compression springs

Torsion springs


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