Compression springs


The Technospring Kft. produces compression springs from wires with diameter between 3-22 mm, in dimensions   after the customers needs. When needed, we can produce springs with working temperature up to 600°C.


When needed we can do the so called “block sitting” on the springs, which results the original I0 length of the spring will be shorter after beginning the daily use.


We verify the spring strength with modern dynamometers at random or on every piece.


At request we do the life span test on the springs.


We deliver products made by us with certificate of quality.


Some sample from our products:


  1. Cone compression spring - small
  2. Cone compression spring - big
  3. External valve spring
  4. Internal valve spring
  5. Compression spring
  6. Element spring
  7. Compression spring
  8. Compression spring
  9. Driving gear compression spring
  10. Compression spring
  11. Compression spring
  12. Compression spring



Extension springs

Plate springs

Torsion springs


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